Benefits of wood chip mulch for the garden

At LEAF we like to recycle everything we can.  Much of the product we work with is perfect for reuse and wood chip is a great example.  Wood chip can be used as mulch for your garden and is a fantastic natural fertiliser.

The process is simple, just add a layer of wood chip 2-3 inches deep over your soil.  Be careful not to layer the chip too deep as this can hinder the growth of seedlings.  As the wood chip mulches down, it adds vital nutrients to the soil, keeping it healthy and in turn helping to nourish your plants and vegetables.  

The process of creating a ‘no-dig’ garden and mulching with wood chip is a less labour intensive approach to gardening and will help to eliminate the need for weeding as the chip restricts the growth of weeds.  

A common gardening myth that adding wood chip to soil robs it of nitrogen has been found to be false.  However there is a point of nitrogen deficiency where the mulch meets the soil, which is why it is important to plant below this level.  It is why wood chip should not be dug into the soil, but rather layered on top of it.  Wood chip that includes branches with green leaves are an added source of nitrogen for your soil creating a ‘forest floor environment’.

Used correctly, wood chip can be a great resource adding nutrients to your soil, providing moisture retention for your plants and suppressing the growth of weeds.  

Speak to us at LEAF if you would like to enquire about wood chip for your garden and we will be happy to help.