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LEAF Arboriculture & Forestry is working hard to comply with the latest Government guidelines concerning the Coronavirus.  We ensure customer and staff safety by observing strict social distancing measures and avoiding direct contact with clients.

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Why Choose Leaf ?

At LEAF we recognise our trees, woodlands and forests as key community assets; aesthetically, culturally and ecologically with the need to protect and preserve them for future generations. LEAF Arboriculture & Forestry provides a comprehensive tree surgery and tree care service to both domestic and commercial clients, including all aspects of tree surgery, tree and hedge planting and land and woodland management.

LEAF arborists are fully qualified and insured, with over 10 years of industry experience, and all work is carried out to the highest standards (complying with BS 3998).  We ensure robust health and safety practices to give you peace of mind when undertaking any arboricultural works.

LEAF delivers a full and holistic service from start to finish, including initial site assessments, detailed work plans and thorough risk assessments.  We also take care of obtaining any work permissions that might be needed e.g. Tree Preservation Orders (TPO’s) or felling licenses, delivering a hassle free and high quality service.

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our Environmental impact

LEAF strives to work in harmony with nature, utilising modern technology and minimising our environmental impact through the use of cleaner fuels, biodegradable oils and, where ever possible, battery powered or hand tools.  This makes LEAF an ideal choice for work in sensitive, ecological areas including woodlands, forests and waterways.

We aim to recycle wherever possible.  Any material removed from trees that we fell can be reused, either as logs for firewood, processed for timber or chipped for use as mulch.  Leaf can facilitate the milling of any large material either on-site or at a local timber mill.  Wood chip can also be utilised in your garden as natural fertiliser.  To learn more about the benefits of wood chip and its uses click here.  Wood removed from site is also supplied to some of our wonderful local wood workers and artists.

- What we do -

Tree surgery

Tree pruning / Shaping
Full Reductions

Reducing branches, limbs or full trees in size and shape, ensuring balanced and manageable specimens. Correct pruning techniques help your trees stay strong, healthy and vibrant. LEAF arborists have the expertise to carry out quality pruning helping your trees to flourish.

Full Tree Removal

Problem trees can be fully removed. Trees close to buildings or sensitive areas can also be safely dismantled in sections using modern rigging techniques to ensure no damage to property. LEAF arborists are fully qualified and insured to carry out hazardous tree removals, and full risk assessments are carried out prior to the work commencing. Our industry is heavily regulated and LEAF sets a high priority on health and safety, both for the client and our staff.

Branch Removal / crown raising

Problem branches or limbs can be fully removed from the tree. Lowest branches can be removed to raise the 'crown' of the tree i.e. increase the distance between the lowest branches and the ground.

Crown Thinning
Dead Wooding

Removing a small percentage of the secondary branches within the tree to encourage uniform growth and branch structure, and to let more light in to the canopy. Thinning also reduces tree sail area (the amount of wind it intercepts) and may be useful in particularly windy areas.

Dead branches within the crown of the tree can be removed.

Hedge Maintenance
Tree & hedge planting / transplanting

Hedges can be maintained, reduced in size, or removed fully.

New trees and hedges can be planted, or existing specimens transplanted safely to a new location.

Stump Removal

Tree stumps can be fully removed with the use of specialist stump grinders. Ideal for removing single tree stumps, or clearing larger areas for replanting or landscaping.

forestry /
woodland management

LEAF also provides full forestry and woodland management plans for maximising woodland productivity; economically and commercially, ecologically (to increase biodiversity) and for recreational purposes.  Contact LEAF directly today for more information on bespoke woodland management plans.

site clearance

LEAF offers large and small scale site and land clearance services for commercial and domestic clients.  Fully NPTC qualified and insured operatives can effectively clear land from trees and vegetation utilising modern techniques and machinery for optimum efficiency.  Any permission needed (e.g. felling licences) can be undertaken by LEAF and land surveys can be arranged prior to any work plans.  All organic material arising form the work is removed from site, recycled and the land is left ready for development, construction or landscaping.

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